Our Story

Moses Grace is on a quest to return Luxury Italian Footwear to a premium state of luxury, meaning the materials, workmanship, fit and style will appeal to those sophisticated international women who seek more outstanding and authentic luxury shoes, and not just in name only.

Inspired by the strength, curves, and long and lean profiles of European sports cars, our first line at Moses Grace is made up of the worlds finest materials and is customized with old Italian processes (such as sachetto) and empowered by high tech additions of silicon molds and aloe padding.

Our Founder

Laura Helene Stucki had spent years taking shoes apart, taking classes, and learning the footwear industry. The closest she’d come to understanding the luxury industry was from the stories she’d learned of her family’s luxury millinery business in NYC decades ago. It wasn't until she came across a simple headstone in a Maine cemetery that the founding of Moses Grace began. From there, and through one man’s death, a legacy was born of history, perseverance, humanity, and a desire to create objects as well as they could be created when they had to be.

Our Process


A fine shoe begins with a design drawn on paper and then onto tape which has been applied to a last (or shoe form). This step allows a shoemaker to work upon a 3D model.

Preparation & Measuring
Choosing the Last


The last is a physical base upon which a shoe is constructed. Our lasts are shaped and sanded to allow for a better fit.

Choosing the Last


After the design is drawn upon the last it is peeled off and flattened on another surface where its measurements will be manipulated to fit the outline of the foot and its movements.

Drawing the Design
Perfecting the Fit


Our skilled craftsmen choose and trim the leather that will be used, following the patterns that were drawn from the lasts. The trimmed leather reflects the cutouts and notches that will be followed as the upper portion of the shoe is shaped around the last.

Perfecting the Fit


The finished shoe comes together when the inner and outer portions are stitched together with the sacchetto. The sacchetto is the inner lining or sock that makes each pair of our shoes so comfortable. Other loose pieces of leather are sewn to match the patterns.

Checking the Fit


After the many pieces are assembled like a jigsaw puzzle, the leather is eventually pulled over the last to create a final fit. When the last is removed, the fine leather is brushed and polished before it is shipped to you.

Checking the Fit