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Moses Grace is on a quest to return Luxury Italian Footwear to a premium state of luxury, meaning the materials, workmanship, fit and style will appeal to those sophisticated international women who seek more outstanding and authentic luxury shoes, and not just in name only.

Inspired by the strength, curves, and long and lean profiles of European sports cars, our first line at Moses Grace footwear is customized from some of the finest materials available and hand-stitched to provide a luxurious fit that exudes style and sophistication.

Shaped by the centuries-old traditions of Italian shoe-making, our initial line combines premium French leather with a sacchetto inner construction in a heeled shoe that may be the first of its kind. State-of-the-art engineering and hand-sewing expertise create a soft and comfortable inner lining that molds to the foot for hours of comfort and breathability. We’ve added arch support for additional comfort, and a 50-millimeter heel for stability and support.

The result is women’s footwear that mirrors the power and elegance of many of Europe’s finest supercars in luxurious shoes that are meant to last. Each time you slip on a Moses Grace shoe, you’ll realize why Italian shoe-making techniques continue to be used today throughout Europe.

Try one of our four models -- Storia, Vigore, Preci, or Lusso -- in Azzurri blue, steel gray, black and tan. We think you’ll find Moses Grace to be a masterful footwear for the ages.

Laura Helene Stucki had spent years taking shoes apart, taking classes, and learning the footwear industry. The closest she’d come to understanding the luxury industry was from the stories she’d learned of her family’s luxury millinery business in NYC decades ago. It wasn't until she came across a simple headstone in a Maine cemetery that the founding of Moses Grace began. From there, and through one man’s death, a legacy was born of history, perseverance, humanity, and a desire to create objects as well as they could be created when they had to be.

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