Luxury Footwear

Slip into a Moses Grace shoe, so extravagant you’ll need nothing else. For decades footwear has been produced under the auspices of luxury. However, that is not always the case. Customers who pay prestige pricing deserve a product that is prestigious, not only in make but in form, function, aesthetics using traditional methods as well as high technological advances.

Our shoes are made for you on the island of Ischia off Italy’s western coast and not far from the Island of Capri, the Amalfi coastline and the island of Procida. They derive their power and dignity from the inside out. Our first line is on par with world class sports cars in their power and presentation.  We concentrate on the hidden components of the shoe using sculptural projections (custom created for us from the same individuals who provide for the most luxurious European automobiles). Each last (or shoe form) has been customized to not only fit Italian feet but European and international as well. Special padding envelopes the inner arch and the foot is surrounded by a “sachetto,” a special sewn in leather sock rarely used in women’s shoes and never in women’s pumps.  Yes, our shoes require more time to make and our materials are unmatched on the luxury market today, and through this combination of processes we aim to be a marvel of a machine, both ageless and powerful. And yes, we are bringing back authentic luxury.

Owner/Designer, Laura Stucki

Owner/Designer, Laura Stucki


The Moses Grace brand emerged from a devotion to high caliber European fashion and styling and a desire to bring those couture quality items to the forefront again.

Laura Stucki had been enamored by the styles and virtues of the 30’s through 50’s decades when there was great interest in wearing finely made clothing. Her family had owned Germaine Montabert, an internationally famous couture millinery showroom and factory on 5th Avenue, NYC which was a later impetus toward growing a company within the luxury industry. In addition to that Stucki had developed a great interest in European sports cars which shows mightily in her work. She is particularly fond of the engines and the ever growing desire in making them more concise and powerful.

Stucki grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida and graduated from the University of Florida. After jobs in finance and later public relations, Stucki married and headed to west Africa followed by France and Switzerland where she raised her children (while tutoring English) After years of living abroad, Stucki returned home and began her journey into design and shoe making while residing in Austin, Texas. Always a fan of cowboy boots, Stucki began studying their construction and material usage while appreciating the adherence to classic silhouettes.  After education in Texas and Washington State, Stucki began her studies in New York City. From pattern-making to leather selection to sewing and lasting, Stucki learned the trade inside and out.

The finding of the name, "Moses Grace," was fitting:  While investigating a burial ground in New England, Stucki came upon a headstone in a quiet corner bearing the name, Moses Grace. While simple in its message (name and years lived) it was grand in simplicity and astonishing in longevity: 82 years was a long time to survive the harsh elements 200 years ago.  The headstone resonated with Stucki and what she planned to deliver in her shoes: strength derived from supreme make and material, and history and tradition as fashion must always build upon that which came before, and make it better.