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Women across the globe can once again experience the sophistication and luxury of Old World shoe-making expertise. Thanks to Moses Grace, authentic luxury has returned to women’s footwear, creating an option for international women weary of wearing cookie-cutter designer brands that are marketed as luxury products. Feel the difference in our shoes.

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European Heritage

Moses Grace seeks to bring true luxury back to women’s footwear with shoes that are styled after European supercars. Hand-selected French leather that’s strong yet delicate is hand-sewn with state-of-the-art engineering to create a masterful product that exudes class and luxury. The insole on which the foot rests is custom created out of leather, cork, and aloe. The sacchetto construction means the soft leather layers of each shoe will mold to the foot like a glove, and the 50-millimeter heels provide stability and comfort. Experience truly Luxurious Italian Footwear that is built on centuries of Italian shoe-making expertise at Moses Grace.

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